1) When and how do I pay you?
- At the time of your session.  I accept cash or checks made out to "Hayley Bradshaw".  Please have your payment ready.

2) How do I pick a location?
- You can look at previous locations I have shot on my Facebook and blog.  Or, I can pick one of my favorite for you! I will try my very best to find a location that matches what you have in your head - but I'm no magician - I can't find you a field of poppies mid-winter.  I do not shoot indoors.

3) What if I need to reschedule?
- Try to give me as much notice as possible.  You can reschedule once free of charge.

4) How far are you willing to travel?
You betcha!! Email me and we'll chat!

5) What should I wear?
- This is the number one question I get asked.  Don't try to go out of your personal style.  Don't have everyone wearing the exact same shade of color.  Try to stay away from white (unless you're a bride). Stay away from clothing with words, busy designs and large logos.  Try not to have two or more people wearing the exact same shirt.  Mainly, just dress like you normally would - and you'll look great.

6) Can I bring someone who will not be in my pictures with me?
- You sure can! If you feel like you need reinforcements - try to bring only one person.

7) How long will we actually be shooting?
- Usually around 1 hour.

8) What time will we start?
- I start shooting about an hour before the sun goes down - I don't shoot any other time of day.

9) How long will it take to get my pictures back?
- I try very hard to get them back to you within two weeks - but it could be up to 3 weeks.

10) You don't give discs anymore?  Why do you only do online galleries?
- I decided that it's just easier.  You don't have to worry about picking up a disc or waiting for your pictures to arrive in the mail.  I will leave your images on my website for 6 months after your session.  You can download the original files (or smaller files) at anytime and save them to your computer.  You can also purchase prints, canvas prints, greeting cards and a huge assortment of other products.

11) How do you choose which pictures to edit?
- I choose my favorite images to edit.  I haven't had any complaints so far about image selection :)

12) What if I want to see all of the pictures you took? Can I get the unedited images?
- Sorry, Charlie.  I don't show my digital negatives to anyone.  You will only receive the edited images I choose.

13) What if I don't like how my pictures are edited?  Will you re-edit them?
-No.  Definitely not.  Before you hire me, check out my work.  If you don't like the way I edit my pictures, don't hire me :)  I edit all my pictures in the same style, so my body of work is a pretty good example of what you'll receive.

14) How do I contact you.
-By email only, please.  [email protected] or click the contact button at the top of this page - if you have my cell number from before, I would LOVE it if you emailed me from now on.

15) I don't see a session on your pricing page that fits what I need - can we work something out?
- Of course! Just email me with exactly what you want, and I will quote you a price.

16) My wrinkles look horrible/ I love the photos but I wish I was slimmed down a bit / my hair is messed up / my clothing is weird

pretty much anything of "can you make ME look different?"

- Yes, I can :) I can fix ALMOST anything. I charge $25 per image

Have a question you don't see here? I'm only a few clicks away - email me anytime!
[email protected]